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As in real estate, it is also true in business: location, location, location. Businesses have storefront or physical locations, but they also have online locations. Both need to be addressed. Your physical location needs to have a market. You can be sure that large corporations do thorough studies of markets prior to establishing a chain there. You need to be just as diligent.

There are SEO opportunities that every small to medium business must take advantage off. For setting up your online location, you would be wise to hire a professional. Keep in mind that establishing a solid online presence takes time. You won’t rank in a Google search on the first page within your first month. Strategize to rank in six month to one year.

What else does it take to succeed? It takes persistence, goal direction, and planning. I recommend following the advise of successful entrepreneurs. They give a consistent message: stick with it. You won’t be a success overnight, and a majority of business failures are due to discouragement and giving up. There will be bumps in the road and this is something you must accept up front.

America is still the land of opportunity. With enough drive, you can succeed. Imagine yourself a refugee fleeing a war torn country with limited freedom. You would embrace the chance to start your own business and make it a success. That is why many successful business owners come from other countries.

Many business owners agree that it takes a certain mentality to succeed. Confidence and drive play a huge role. If these are areas in which you lack then you can work on yourself. Listen to motivational speakers, seek out the advise of successful business owners, immerse yourself in the company of those who also wish to succeed and have that drive and confidence as it will rub off on you.

Every man and woman have a greater potential within themselves than is realized. Tap into your own marketability. Your success is up to you.