Monthly Archives: August 2015


Business owners are beginning to understand how utilizing social media positively impacts their business. Social networking is a venue that allows businesses to connect with customers and build a referral base. Consumers can make or break a company via their reviews and blog posts. This groundbreaking territory is referred to as social business intelligence with software that analyses the market to enhance your ROI.


Along with analytics like this, are new and improved security tools to help protect you from malware and hackers. Coming up in Las Vegas is an event to showcase predictive business applications and technology road maps. The conference will be held at the AIRA Resort September 15-16 2015. Visit for more information.


While these trends are in the forefront, there are others that are peaking through the radar. Technology wearables are a new arena that is expanding with devices like watches, rings, hats, glasses, wrist bands and hands-free opportunities currently used in the healthcare and automotive industries.


Many business owners are moving the array of IT equipment to the cloud with back up and security. As an example you can use Ring Central to put your phone system in the cloud.


It will be awhile before we see offices clear of computers, printers, monitors etc. The best way to protect your investment on equipment while saving money on energy costs is to make sure your windows are tinted. Window tinting reflects harmful UV rays and reduces glare on computer screens thereby improving production. Tinting also protects your office from vandalism and burglary.


Business technology has been in expansion mode for the last twenty or so years. It now involves every aspect of a business and is a necessary component for all companies, from small to large corporations. The key for your competitive edge is to stay on top of and implement the changes.