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Swimming Pool Technology

Pool metering systems can take care of managing the PH balance and disinfection in your pool, using sensor, controllers and metering pumps. Pool metering systems can also be used in chlorine free pools. There are systems for measuring ozone, temperature and conductivity. There are multi-pool systems.

The use of ozone systems in swimming pools has several advantages. The water does not have an odor as with chlorine and the water is clear. These systems are easy to operate and are highly efficient with low energy consumption.

Swimming pool maintenance has gone green with the use of chemical free sanitizers using ions to combat bacteria, algae, mold, virus and fungus. Ions are charged particles that are at the bases of life itself. Copper and Silver ions are generated through electrolysis and keep your pool clean and fresh.

New technology has introduced built in pool floor cleaning systems to remove any dirt. Automatic pool covers protect your pool from debris when it is not in use. Still the best way to reduce the work of having a swimming pool is to hire a professional swimming pool service company.

Remote control systems allow the pool owner to easily monitor and adjust the pool chemicals. The remote control systems can open and close pool covers, turn on and off the pool lights, and anything else you want to control.

Make sure your pool is in top shape and sparkling clean for your next company party.