Monthly Archives: December 2014

SEO in Business

Your online presence is like a picture that speaks a thousand words. We all know something about keywords, SEO, marketing, adwords, social networking and on and on. It is almost overwhelming but a necessary evil. New strategies to put your company on page one are popping up daily as the science gets specific and sophisticated.

What can a small starter company do to improve their ranking. One free and easy trick is to sign up for google maps. In this complex and competitive market place it is lucrative to invest in a SEO specialist. Every lead you generate via the Internet is well worth the money spent on the specialist.

In our fast paced, ever changing world it is also important to keep up on the latest technology. Here’s one: Apple is introducing a Security Update to protect Mac users from a newly identified hacking strategy. The update is automatic and seamless.

Webcams have taken a front seat in the virtual business world. Use these for video calls and social media. Don’t under estimate the power of Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Yext….. ¬†Get your Internet presence going and keep them going by adding posts and content.