How to recondition dead batteries

Iphone 5 battery replacement kit


As in real estate, it is also true in business: location, location, location. Businesses have storefront or physical locations, but they also have online locations. Both need to be addressed. Your physical location needs to have a market. You can be sure that large corporations do thorough studies of markets prior to establishing a chain there. You need to be just as diligent.

There are SEO opportunities that every small to medium business must take advantage off. For setting up your online location, you would be wise to hire a professional. Keep in mind that establishing a solid online presence takes time. You won’t rank in a Google search on the first page within your first month. Strategize to rank in six month to one year.

What else does it take to succeed? It takes persistence, goal direction, and planning. I recommend following the advise of successful entrepreneurs. They give a consistent message: stick with it. You won’t be a success overnight, and a majority of business failures are due to discouragement and giving up. There will be bumps in the road and this is something you must accept up front.

America is still the land of opportunity. With enough drive, you can succeed. Imagine yourself a refugee fleeing a war torn country with limited freedom. You would embrace the chance to start your own business and make it a success. That is why many successful business owners come from other countries.

Many business owners agree that it takes a certain mentality to succeed. Confidence and drive play a huge role. If these are areas in which you lack then you can work on yourself. Listen to motivational speakers, seek out the advise of successful business owners, immerse yourself in the company of those who also wish to succeed and have that drive and confidence as it will rub off on you.

Every man and woman have a greater potential within themselves than is realized. Tap into your own marketability. Your success is up to you.



Business owners are beginning to understand how utilizing social media positively impacts their business. Social networking is a venue that allows businesses to connect with customers and build a referral base. Consumers can make or break a company via their reviews and blog posts. This groundbreaking territory is referred to as social business intelligence with software that analyses the market to enhance your ROI.


Along with analytics like this, are new and improved security tools to help protect you from malware and hackers. Coming up in Las Vegas is an event to showcase predictive business applications and technology road maps. The conference will be held at the AIRA Resort September 15-16 2015. Visit for more information.


While these trends are in the forefront, there are others that are peaking through the radar. Technology wearables are a new arena that is expanding with devices like watches, rings, hats, glasses, wrist bands and hands-free opportunities currently used in the healthcare and automotive industries.


Many business owners are moving the array of IT equipment to the cloud with back up and security. As an example you can use Ring Central to put your phone system in the cloud.


It will be awhile before we see offices clear of computers, printers, monitors etc. The best way to protect your investment on equipment while saving money on energy costs is to make sure your windows are tinted. Window tinting reflects harmful UV rays and reduces glare on computer screens thereby improving production. Tinting also protects your office from vandalism and burglary.


Business technology has been in expansion mode for the last twenty or so years. It now involves every aspect of a business and is a necessary component for all companies, from small to large corporations. The key for your competitive edge is to stay on top of and implement the changes.



Swimming Pool Technology

Pool metering systems can take care of managing the PH balance and disinfection in your pool, using sensor, controllers and metering pumps. Pool metering systems can also be used in chlorine free pools. There are systems for measuring ozone, temperature and conductivity. There are multi-pool systems.

The use of ozone systems in swimming pools has several advantages. The water does not have an odor as with chlorine and the water is clear. These systems are easy to operate and are highly efficient with low energy consumption.

Swimming pool maintenance has gone green with the use of chemical free sanitizers using ions to combat bacteria, algae, mold, virus and fungus. Ions are charged particles that are at the bases of life itself. Copper and Silver ions are generated through electrolysis and keep your pool clean and fresh.

New technology has introduced built in pool floor cleaning systems to remove any dirt. Automatic pool covers protect your pool from debris when it is not in use. Still the best way to reduce the work of having a swimming pool is to hire a professional swimming pool service company.

Remote control systems allow the pool owner to easily monitor and adjust the pool chemicals. The remote control systems can open and close pool covers, turn on and off the pool lights, and anything else you want to control.

Make sure your pool is in top shape and sparkling clean for your next company party.

Smartwatch, Smart Phone, and Speedier Wireless


Let’s hope you’ve got your new smartwatch with features like text messages, email alerts, apps and notifications. The new Apple Watch is coming out soon.

Some of the best smartwatches are made by Sony and Samsung. Samsung’s Gear Live has a nice fit, a heart monitor, and the Samsung Gear 6 has a really stylish screen but requires a compatible Samsung phone.

The Sony Smartwatch 2 uses a normal micro USB charger and has a large enough screen to read and is compatible with all Android 4.0 or greater phones. The Sony Smartwatch 3 has built in GPS and offers 512MB of RAM.

There are dozens of great smartwatches on the market right now. The important thing is to strap yours on.

China’s new Mi Note Smart Phone

Thinner, Lighter and Cheaper than Apple iphone 6

Xiaomi produced this phone and has plans to expand to India. The company founded in 2010 is said to be worth $45 Billion.

 A Speedier Wireless Is Coming

A new wireless technology called WiGig is slated to unveil in 2015. PC’s, tablets and Smartphones will be 10 times faster. This product is the result of a collaboration between Apple, Microsoft and Sony. Faster, more reliable ways to move data around wirelessly could make devices easier to use. Qualcomm has designed its latest Snapdragon mobile processors to support WiGig and a wireless router with this built in. Samsung is using the technology in its mobile and smart home products.



SEO in Business

Your online presence is like a picture that speaks a thousand words. We all know something about keywords, SEO, marketing, adwords, social networking and on and on. It is almost overwhelming but a necessary evil. New strategies to put your company on page one are popping up daily as the science gets specific and sophisticated.

What can a small starter company do to improve their ranking. One free and easy trick is to sign up for google maps. In this complex and competitive market place it is lucrative to invest in a SEO specialist. Every lead you generate via the Internet is well worth the money spent on the specialist.

In our fast paced, ever changing world it is also important to keep up on the latest technology. Here’s one: Apple is introducing a Security Update to protect Mac users from a newly identified hacking strategy. The update is automatic and seamless.

Webcams have taken a front seat in the virtual business world. Use these for video calls and social media. Don’t under estimate the power of Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Yext…..  Get your Internet presence going and keep them going by adding posts and content.